Monday, June 27, 2011


(My first post... you've found it!  Sharing it here so you can find it easily.)

I like to blog about food.  And now that we are eating a mostly paleo/primal daily diet, it just makes sense to dedicate this blog to that topic.

If you want to know why my family is eating this way, here is the required reading:
The Paleo Solution

I only read this book because I had told someone that I would.  I didn't want to like it.  I didn't want my life changed.  But I owe that person a huge THANK YOU for inspiring me to read it.  I only hope that you are inspired to read it, too.

And three blogs to help you out AFTER you read the book:
Mark's Daily Apple (Primal, rather than paleo, which is just a touch more lenient on the dairy.)

So, I just wrote the tagline, aka blog description (under the title at the top), and it made me realize how much I cook/prepare food.  Good thing I like to do it (for the most part)!  It is a fun challenge for me.  Anyways, I realized that if you consider that we rarely eat out, our family's 3 square meals a day  equates to 84 meal servings a week, plus snacks!!  Here's to keeping it simple and low cost, without sacrificing nutritional value!

And if you know me at all, you know I love chocolate.  So, while everyone knows refined sugar, or gobs of any sweetener is not good for us, I did discover a dangerously good treat that uses a bit of raw honey that I will share very soon!  Why not start off living a little on the edge? :)

check it out: primal fudge

(At the time I started my blog, I found nothing else google-able called Practical Paleo... but now there happens to be a real (great) book with this awesome name, too, not written by me.  Just want you to know I am not trying to confuse you or benefit myself from another person's accomplishments.  Things just happened to turn out this way.)

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