Saturday, August 4, 2012

Groceries: Trader Joe's and Hy-Vee

I can't call this a paleo shopping trip.  Not even close.

I am cooking for my Bible study this week and am taking the easy way out with purchased foods.  I wanted to go with not time-consuming, tasty,  not-too expensive, and light on grains.  This will not be paleo, though.  Going with TJ's mandarin chicken, broccoli, rice ( I won't eat), and lemon meringue pie (still to be purchased).  And, I my baby boy is soon to be 3 and has requested chocolate cupcakes and ice cream, so you'll see those items in there, too.

Trader Joes: $42 (that's a chicken in the bag)

Hy-Vee: $22

We are still finishing up peaches from last week.  I will go to Aldi on Monday and probably spend another $20.

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