Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping Paleo at Aldi, HyVee, & Costco

I'm going grocery shopping!  At the risk of continuously oversharing, here are my lists:

nuts (macadamias or cashews or almonds)
dark chocolate
garlic powder
chili powder
marinara sauce
sweet potatoes
pineapples (if they look good)
string cheese (for church)
ground turkey
frozen OJ (for smoothies)
veggie chips (kid's lunches)
organic blue corn tortilla chips (next weekend)
total = about $70

I was going to only go to Aldi this week in an attempt to spend less, but I may have the chance to get elsewhere, too.  So, if time allows...

I plan to run into Hy-Vee without the kids after my class to get grape tomatoes (on sale), organic sausages (on sale), chicken (on sale), dish washing brush, and more reusable lunch containers. = about $20

And perhaps a quick duck into Costco later in the week as well for romaine lettuce, salsa, sour cream, almond butter, hydrogen peroxide (color-safe disinfectant), and more bananas if needed. = about $35

Plus the farm for some milk and raw cheddar-jalepeno cheese should bring the weekly total to $137.

I will add photos to this post when I get home if time allows.

Please share any paleo frugal grocery finds (or indulgences) that you recommend we try!

Happy shopping!


OK, I just got back and here's the stash from Aldi.  $60.51.  The avocados didn't look good and they didn't have sweet potatoes or macadamias, so I didn't get those things.  If I decide to get them at Costco later this week, that will up my total there.  But I was $10 under my estimate at Aldi since I didn't get those things, but I did add eggs, which I had forgotten to put on the list.

-Another update, post Hy-Vee trip: I didn't get the chicken (too much fake stuff added), but did add sweet potatoes and red wine vinegar to the list.  Stayed right on budget.  Will add guacamole to the Costco list.-

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