Sunday, January 22, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Costco and Aldi

The stash.

On the left: $35 spent at Aldi.  On the right: $50 spent at Costco (not pictured: 6 lbs. pears from Costco)

I didn't know if there would be sweet potatoes left at Aldi, so I went ahead and got some already prepped butternut squash at Costco, where I went first.  Turns out there were sweet potatoes at Aldi.  Oh well, I will feel pampered not having to chop or shred potatoes this week.  The spray-free tomatoes, baby carrots, and spinach were on sale at Aldi.  With 2 gallons of milk from the farm, the total should be right under $100.

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