Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Week's Menu Plan

I've been winging it with the meal plan, but I shop more efficiently with one, so here it is for this week.  I hope to get all I need with one stop at Aldi and one stop at Trader Joe's.  Our milk (raw), some eggs (from pastured chickens), and our fruit (fresh peaches) come from local farms, not the stores.

Breakfast Choices:
Almond Banana Pancakes
Eggs and Fruit
Turkey Sausage (add onion) and Fruit
Coconut Milk Smoothies

Leftovers from the evening before

Monday - Rockin' Moroccan Chicken*
Tuesday - Portobello BLT's with Chicken and Avocado, Salad
Wednesday - Wild Salmon Salad*
Thursday - Spice Rub Slow-Cooked Chicken*, Sweet Potatoes, Salad
Friday - Sundried Tomato Chicken Slaw*
Saturday - Marvelous Meatballs*, Green Beans
Sunday - Nitrate-free Chicken Hot Dogs & Sweet Potato Oven Fries

*The recipes are also found in the book, Everyday Paleo, which I currently have from the library.  I was in need of some meal planning inspiration and this book, with the updated photos, has been perfect!  I highly recommend it.  It has a ton of recipes, lots of friendly advice, and even workout samples, too.

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