Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trader Joe's Visit & Menu Plan


We just got back from a week of living under the sunshine and on the water, and now we are returning into the regular routine.  After a week of non-paleo eating, I am looking forward to getting back on track!

We have a Trader Joe's now :) :) :)  I hope to check it out this week.

It took me forever to make a menu plan and shopping list today.  I think I need to keep up the habit, so I stay efficient at it.  It keeps me from wasting time and money.



OK.  So.  I experienced Trader Joe's.  Don't love it.  But, I like it.  TJ's is very much like a gourmet Aldi, and understandably so since they are owned by the same German family, I've heard.  My conclusion: On organic, whole foods, prices are still better at Costco, and selection is better at Whole Foods.  And on the non-organic stuff, Costco and Aldi win on prices, and the regular grocery store wins on selection.  So, to make that clear, the only stuff that Trader Joe's has the best price on (for me) is on organic, whole foods that I can't get at Costco, like the organic sweet potatoes I bought yesterday.  Did I lose you???  Anyone disagree?   Trader Joe's is a fun store to shop at!  Also, it is great for 1-stop shopping if I don't want to run around for quality food at decent prices, and so I'm sure I will go there again.

I went 4 days after the grand opening.  It was so packed that I had to break out the umbrella stroller just to make the hike with my kids from the next parking lot over.  (Then, I had to stick it in the shopping cart, what a nerd I am.)  Anyways, I went in with my list and 2 kids (1 cranky one) and came out with $100 in groceries.  Everyone else was milling around buying 1, 2, or 3 items.  The check-out person commented that this must not be my first time to visit a Trader Joe's.  I told him actually it was, but I had done my research :)  I ended up buying more than planned, because while there I got a case of what is called the "eff-its" and spent $10 more than necessary just so I wouldn't have to run to Aldi later in this heat.

Here's what we are eating this week-

Choose from...
Chicken-Apple Sausage
Paleo Banana Muffins (will share the recipe if it works)
Raw Milk

Dinners (leftovers for lunches):
Shepherd's Pie (w/ sweet potatoes)
Cashew Chicken and Green Beans
Fish Taco Salad
Cobb Salad
Grilled Bratwurst/Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries
Cabbage Roll Soup

Leftover Trail Mix (from vacation)
Fresh Local Peaches :)
Nuts (I need to carry these with my at all times, so that I don't fall for the ever-present desserts at work!!)

PS - If you are bored with your workout routine, you gotta try CrossFit!  The best part: it doesn't take hours a day.  My husband converted me, and I converted my sister-in-law :)

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