Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

Who wants to tell me what to cook next week?  I am feeling uninspired.  I got behind on sleep last week (through no fault but my own) and then never got caught up.  I am thankful for a little bit of a restful weekend to keep me sane....

I know there are lots of paleo/primal stories out there, and I read some every week, but this one in particular moved me (to tears! -not common for me).  I guess because it shows you don't have to give up on life as you age.  I know that before we went paleo, I didn't feel like there was anything wrong with my health.  But I still experienced such a renewed sense of vitality and energy, that I don't want to go back!  It is one of those things you may not appreciate until you do it.  I think that is why paleo people are so eager to share the lifestyle with others.

I guess I better figure out something for us to eat this week :)  But a bigger goal will be no computer time after 9pm, unless I'm listening to a podcast as I fold laundry.  Or watching a movie with my husband.  But we have to start it by 8:30.  Wait, that is too many freaking rules.  I don't think there is going to be time for a movie this week, anyways.  How about just go to bed by 10pm?  That will be huge.

P.S. Any meal ideas are welcome.

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