Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly Menu

Some things we didn't get to last week since we were traveling...Which hopefully means a smaller shopping trip this week :)  Anyone up for a self-regulated Whole30 in January?  It is on my mind.  Rather cliche, I know, but a purge would feel good after the holidays and be a good way to start the year, no?  (My exceptions of grassed butter and raw milk stand.)

eggs & turkey sausage
banana bread
coconut milk smoothies
coffee, milk

(I don't have to pack so many since it is Christmas break- yay!)
fruit, cheese, nuts (lately this is what my kids have been wanting/eating for lunch)

ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries x2
primal broccoli cheese soup
paleo shepherd's pie x2
roasted paleo stuffing -tweaked according to what is on hand

Latest loves:
coffee milk (raw milk, infant coffee, splash of grade B maple syrup) - basically a cold latte, I think?
macademia nuts (roasted and salted)
Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (amazing)

Merry Christmas!

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