Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple & Delicious: Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash

So today, I went grocery shopping immediately after church and left my husband at home to make lunch for himself and the kids.  (Let me tell you, it is worth it to get up early Saturday to shop... it was crazy out on Sunday afternoon!)  Anyways.  My husband is a pretty decent cook, he just doesn't do it that much anymore, so I had to write down directions for him.  Since I've been wanting to share this recipe with you, here is is!  The only bummer is I scarfed down my share when I got home, so I didn't take any nice pictures for you.  It is not a meal that photographs well, anyways.  But trust me, it is good, for any meal, any time of the day!

The other great thing about this meal (besides the fact that it is yummy and my whole family loves it and you can have it for any meal) is that it is probably the cheapest paleo breakfast, lunch, or dinner you will ever have.  (Not counting things you grow or kill yourself.)  It is very tweak-able in terms of ingredients and cooking methods.  You can double the meat, halve the potatoes, add other veggies, change the seasonings, whatever you want.  This is just what we like to use.

Part 1
3 lbs. sweet potatoes ($1.49 at Aldi)
garlic powder
dried onion
chili powder
salt & pepper
butter or coconut oil

Scrub potatoes.  Chop or shred them.  (We have a Saladmaster which makes shredding go fast.)  Pile in a rimmed cookie sheet (or a 9x13 pan will do).  Sprinkle with all the seasonings.  Dot generously with butter or coconut oil.  Bake at 425 for about 30 minutes or until cooked.  Stir once during cooking to distribute the butter or oil.

While the potatoes are cooking, make the sausage...

Part 2
1 lb. ground turkey ($1.49 at Aldi)
dried onion
salt & pepper
pinch of ginger

Brown everything together in a skillet.

Then, when the potatoes are done cooking...

Mix up the sausage and hot potatoes and eat everything together!  OR, what I like to do is layer the sausage and potatoes together in a pan and cool and place in the refrigerator.  Individual servings can be scooped out and heated up and eaten at any time.  Also great with scrambled eggs!

If it tells you anything about our family (2 adults and 2 small kids)... we can polish off the entire recipe in one sitting!


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