Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Menu + Recipe + Groceries Details

sweet potatoes
berry cobbler
primal cranberry muffins (still hunting for a recipe)

waldorf chicken salad* (over salad greens for the adults)
almond bars (an experiment with no honey, perhaps add some coconut/applesauce, fingers crossed) -or- pickles for my daughter when she's at school (no nuts allowed)

After school snacks:
Trader Joe's banana chips (contain some added sugar), macadamia nuts, pistachios

Monday - Italian meatballs in marinara sauce, roasted green beans
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - bean-less chili with avocado (sour cream for the kids)
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - football party
Saturday - shrimp/pineapple/bacon skewers, roasted asparagus
Sunday - leftovers

* Waldorf chicken salad recipe... hmm...  My mixture consists of chopped chicken, chopped celery, chopped apples, raisins (or grapes), mixed with a little bit of sour cream (use paleo mayo if you can't tolerate any dairy) and nuts sprinkled on top, when permitted (using toasted almonds this time).

And here are the groceries that I bought yesterday with which I will make our meals.  I had hoped to do one stop, but since it is a large shopping trip for the start of the month, it was worth is to make 2 stops.

I like to predict how much my shopping trips will cost before I go to the store.  I'll show you those numbers, too.  All numbers include approximately 9% sales tax.

Costco: predicted $80; actual was $83 (with some changes to the list)
frozen green beans, strawberries, and mixed berries, salad, bananas, pistachios, almonds, macadamias (should have gotten at Aldi - cheaper there!), and almond butter.

Aldi: predicted $35; actual was $36
eggs, avocados, onions, diapers, asparagus, shrimp, bacon, chicken, pineapple, pumpkin, orange juice

Monday or Tuesday I will swing by Trader Joe's or Whole Foods for organic apples, organic celery, dried unsweetened coconut, grass-fed beef, sesame seeds, banana chips, dill, and aluminum-free baking powder.  Approx. $45.

Milk from the farm will be about $12.

So, that brings the grand total to about $176 for the week, which is $26 above our weekly budgeted average of $150/week.  But, we were under budget for groceries in December and with this being the first stock-up of the month, I am OK with being $26 over, because many items will last more than 1 week.

OK, there are all the glorious details.  Better than gory details, right?  Have a great week!  Happy New Year!

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