Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Menu

I was getting a little bored so I tried to mix it up (just slightly) this week.  I has been awhile since we have done taco salad, etc.  Here's the plan.

berry cobbler
coconut milk smoothies
primal pancakes
sausages & fruit

chicken & olives & grape tomatoes or sausage & cheese kabobs
veggie chips (for the kids) or carrots and homemade sour cream ranch dip
paleo trail mix or primal fudge

braised balsamic chicken, broccoli x2
hamburger vegetable soup (paleo-ed), pumpkin muffins x2
taco salad
nachos (with leftover taco meat)*
eggs, turkey sausage, and sweet potatoes

paleo ice cream or shakes (an experiment)

*I will make a exception on the weekend for some organic blue corn tortilla chips from Aldi.

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