Friday, March 16, 2012

Groceries: Payday Friday!

First, some mid-week shopping while out and about...


  • 5 lbs. bananas
  • chocolate chips (took to friends' house to make a dessert, which we did eat)

Total: $5

From Price Chopper, because on sale:

  • 1.25 lbs. ground beef (needed before Friday's Costco trip)
  • 8 lbs. frozen veggies (in 1 lb. bags) - 79 cents each, no limit
  • laundry detergent - $1.99  (For back-up, because I sometimes run out of the detergent I like, Charlie's Soap, before I can get more.)
  • no HFCS ketchup - 88 cents (We try not to eat much ketchup due to the sugar, but the kids do use some.)

Total: $13

And now the biggies... Friday's shopping trips to Costco and Aldi.

Total spent, pictured = $153.

I bought organic ground beef from Costco.  While I know it is not 100% grass-fed, I like knowing that it is a little "cleaner" than regular beef.  (I think ground turkey from Aldi was already in the freezer... so it's not pictured.)

I also spent $28 on non-paleo food that will be taken to church or shared with friends as gifts.  And I spent $6 on household items (zip-top freezer bags, kleenex, etc.).  Oh, and I bribed the kids to be good shoppers by getting lunch from the Costco snack bar when we were finished :)

So far, we are on track with the grocery budget in each category except for produce - that one will have to be adjusted.  I don't think we will use all our meat money, so that money will be transferred to the produce category.  This is a little weird putting so many details of what I've bought on here, but it will help me and maybe it will help someone else, too.

Have a good weekend!

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