Monday, March 12, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Walmart and Price Chopper

I like to pretend that the star after the word Walmart on their logo stands for an expletive.  Although it worked better when it used to be in the middle of the name... Wal*Mart!  I don't enjoy that place.  I went this evening to look for some craft/sewing supplies.  Of course they didn't have what I was looking for.  I decided to get some coconut milk (a good deal at $1.48/can), some unsweetened applesauce (handy for baking or "oh crap, what do I give the kids" emergencies... although I think it is sort of a useless food -- really, who does it fill up?), and some strawberries for smoothies (price matched to $1.29 in the Aldi flyer I took with me).  It never fails, something always annoys me, even if it is only being charged 30 cents more for the applesauce than the shelf was labeled.

Then we went to Price Chopper to get some chicken breasts on sale for $1.29/lb.  These kind of gross me out sometimes.  I use them as a cheap meat to fill in the blanks on our menus between the more expensive beef or fish dinners.  I wish we bought all of our chicken pastured, but that is so pricey and until I find a way to do that 100% of the time, we need some cheaper meals to balance out the more expensive ones.  That is one thing I do to try to keep the budget in check.  I also got some canned pumpkin.

$10 at Wal*Mart
$13 at Price Chopper

OK, I'll try to be in a better mood next time :)  Goodnight!

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