Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Menu


Well, I survived last week.  Sometimes, that feels like an accomplishment.  That is kind of lame to say.  I'm hoping this week will be more ordinary.  No huge grocery update this weekend.  We were gone for part of it.  I spent $14 at Aldi on Thursday, mostly on produce.  I will probably need to head to the store one more time this week before this month is over.

I don't have a full menu plan for the week, yet.  We didn't end up eating everything I had planned for the weekend, since we were traveling.  So, we will have some of those things to start out the week.

  • Tonight (Sunday) we will have cashew chicken, since the chicken is already thawed.  Perhaps some chocolate-almond-banana ice cream for dessert.
  • Tomorrow we can finish the chicken sausages and salad for lunch.
  • Hamburgers and coleslaw for supper on Monday.
  • Hot dogs (nitrate-free) or salami for lunch on Tuesday.
  • Asian-style salmon and broccoli bake for supper.
  • Snacks can be celery and almond butter.
  • Green smoothies or bacon & eggs for breakfasts.
  • Perhaps go to Aldi on Tuesday?
  • Turkey sausage and sweet potatoes for supper on Wednesday.
  • After that it is up in the air...

I am tempted to buy a ham since they are all on sale, but last time I told myself I wouldn't do it again.  We just don't love it and by the time you remove it from the bone, it is not that great of a deal, price wise.  Besides, it makes you so thirsty with all that salt.

I want to find some new recipes to try.  It's spring fever... ready for something new!

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