Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mid-week Musings

Another Mark Sisson explanation:
Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High Fat Diet (and How to Respond)


In other news...

Shopping this week:


No more pics, but also....

Whole Foods-

  • organic popcorn
  • dried coconut
  • Jason mineral sunscreen (a one-day sale for $4, regularly $9.99)... We seldom use sunblock... but we do when we are out in the noon-day sun for more than an hour or on the lake for the day.  Since my kids are little, we are usually at the pool for only an hour if it is pre-nap :)... and I put some on my little guy's face and shoulders since he is fair... but in the evenings, we skip it.  Did you know that your diet can affect how easily you get burned?... google "diet and sunburn" and see what stories you find.  Although it is more of a pain to apply, for my children, I prefer the mineral-based "physical" sunscreen versus the stuff that reacts within your skin to form a barrier.
  • I was SO hoping to get one of these gluten-free, grain-free frozen pizza shells (recommended here) to make homemade pizza, but couldn't find it... only found their pre-made frozen pizzas which were $12.  Bummer. Gotta check Hy-Vee next.

Trader Joe's-

  • uncured beef hot dogs
  • grade b maple syrup
  • almond meal
  • pre-made salad w/ chicken for me since it was dinnertime and I was out running errands
  • white balsamic vinegar (for salad dressings?)
  • I could shop way more here...
On track for spending for the week.  That's good!

And we DID get 1/2 priced hot fudge Sonic shakes yesterday to celebrate the first official (and longest) day of SUMMER!

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