Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Menu

10 lbs. of grass fed beef for the month ahead

The holiday food season begins this week for me.  I just counted, and I am taking dishes to 5 different events in the next month before Thanksgiving.  I will try to take something healthy (paleo) for some of them, others I will do middle of the road (meat and veggie focused, but easy and not too pricey), and for others, I will do some all out gluten free baking (so that my kids don't feel completely left out at birthday and school parties).

This week the "extra" food list includes taking clementines and a GF brownie experiment for a "black and orange" Halloween party, chicken salad & lettuce wraps for a pot luck (just gonna cheat and use miracle whip, gasp!), and some Plaza III Steak Soup per request for a work meeting (might experiment with potato flakes instead of flour to thicken).

I totally ate a SAD (standard American diet) meal this past week at someone's house and a snack at work... and 2 days later, I had issues with my circulation, which may be related to my former rheumatoid arthritis.  Makes me not feel bad about steeling myself to turn down certain foods at events in the gluten filled months ahead.

Bleh. Enough of me.  Moving on.

What are we making at home this week?

eggs with spinach and squash
coffee, milk

roast beef with peppercinis
balsamic chicken
nitrate free hot dogs
apples & pumpkin cream cheese dip
bananas & sunbutter
fudge babies
veggie chips

Pirate's Booty
dried apricots
frozen OJ popsicles
frozen grapes
and surely some candy...

Monday - sundried tomato meatballs, peas
Tuesday - jerk chicken & pineapple bowls
Wednesday - spice rub crock pot chicken, roasted green beans
Thursday - roasted red pepper & tomato soup with chicken, crunchy primal crackers
Friday - baked asian-style salmon, squash (cook whole, in the crock pot), green beans
Saturday - paleo hamburger soup (use stock from the whole chicken on Wednesday)
Sunday - turkey nachos

I hope you have a good week!

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