Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Menu

our "once in awhile" grain free pizza

paleo breakfast bread
eggs & salsa
turkey sausage & sweet potato hash
coffee, real milk
(We made waffles this weekend from Eat Like a Dinosaur... still love them!)

salami & Tillamook cheddar
celery & homemade ranch
organic corn chips & guacamole

Monday - taco night w/ friends
Tuesday - against the grain gourmet pizza (add turkey italian sausage & peppers)
Wednesday - hamburger vegetable soup (paleo-fy)
Thursday - paleo chicken nuggets, fruit
Friday - meatloaf & peas
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - primal chicken parmesan, roasted green beans

When cranberries go on clearance after Thanksgiving, I want to make some of these smoothies.  And make pumpkin muffins with fresh cranberries inside.  I love the tartness of cranberries!


Need a grain free (yet super indulgent) holiday dessert?  Seriously, who needs that, right?  Well, anyways... if by chance you say you do... make some of these amazing mint brownies, but use this easy flourless chocolate cake recipe for the base layer.  The original recipe won me "best all around" ribbon at a cookie exchange 2 years ago :) -- and I made the grain free version using the combo of recipes above using orange tint for the frosting for my daughter's school Halloween party... and her teachers both asked me for the recipe.

Or, if pumpkin is your thing, make this pumpkin crunch cake recipe using a GF cake mix (with a package of dry vanilla pudding mixed with the cake mix)... and don't leave out the pecans, they are the best part, unless you are allergic, of course.  I made this recipe for my bible study girls last week.  It is like a combo of pumpkin pie and coffee cake!  Bet no one will know you made it gluten free.

OK, enough of the sugarfest.  The paleo purists want to punch me.  I just had to share, though, holidays and all.  The cool thing is, once was enough for me, I don't feel the temptation to bake these things again anytime soon.

Real food wins!

I'm sharing and finding more GF recipes at Musings of a Housewife!

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