Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly Menu

I'm beat! It is 9PM Saturday as I write this and I am just now sitting down from the day... just lots to do, as usual.

We "had" to buy some curtains for our bedroom today.  Our new neighbors turn on their outdoor floodlight at random, occasional moments some nights, and it sometimes wakes me up and bugs me. I am being non confrontational and not wanting to say anything about it to them since they seem quite nice (but I've really only seen them in passing), and it must be happening for some reason since it is just at sporadic times (pets?  a smoke?  shift work?  motion sensor?).  It was time for some curtains to dress up the faux wood blinds anyways.  I took an unconventional (aka cheap) approach to making the curtains, so they won't be total blackout, but they will for sure help... and look better than the sheets that I hung up in the middle of the night... any guesses what they are?  hint: I was at Home Depot this morning and did some hemming this afternoon.  We'll see how they turn out as soon as I can get the hubs to get out his drill and hang the hardware :)

I also did some grocery shopping at Aldi and picked up a few more items at Walmart when I was buying the curtain rods.  I plan to hit up Hy-Vee on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I am also looking forward to revving up the ol' workout routine again after a 3 week hiatus due to what I thought was a stress fracture in my foot, but turns out to likely be a pinched nerve.  Better start slow.

On to the food... mixin some dairy in this week...

scrambled eggs, avocados, bananas
coffee, milk

chicken-celery-raisin-apple salad
sliced pork loin
cottage cheese & pineapple
apples & sun butter
fudge babies
carrots or celery & homemade sour cream ranch

School snacks:
Pirate's Booty
dried apricots

Monday - paleo chinese coleslaw with chicken
Tuesday - cooking for my bible study: plaza III steak soup (potato flakes to thicken?), apples and cream cheese dip, pumpkin crunch cake (use GF cake mix)
Wednesday - jerk chicken & pineapple bowl (last week, my kids turned up their noses at the sight of this, but changed their minds once they tasted it!)
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - turkey sausage & sweet potato hash
Saturday - bean less chili
Sunday - korean beef & broccoli (sub maple syrup for honey - personal pref.)

frozen OJ popsicles

Linking to more gluten free recipes at Musings of a Housewife.

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