Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Menu

the usual: Costco, Aldi, & Trader Joe's

sausage & sweet potato hash
scrambled eggs, salsa
banana blueberry egg muffins
coffee, creamer

deli roll-ups (my version of these)
veggie chips
kale chips
apples & sunbutter or cream cheese dip

School snacks:
raisins, corn tortilla chips - no pirate's booty at Costco :(

After school snack:
not gonna call it this...

Monday - pineapple salsa slow cooker chicken - my own experiment :)
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - zucchini spaghetti w/ meat sauce
Thursday - smoked pork loin, scalloped potatoes, & green beans (a freezer meal by someone else from the party I attended, borderline primal - I'll take that!)
Friday - sticky chicken, sweet potatoes, peas (make stock, use for the chili)
Saturday - chocolate chili, guacamole
Sunday - leftovers

All of a sudden, I am really wanting to get to a gym to get some coaching, I want to get stronger, and to have someone to educate and push me.  I know exactly where I want to go... now just need the $$$.  Story of our lives, right? :)

Summer is going to have a routine of its own around here, and won't slow down much.  But it will still be a change, and I am definitely looking forward to that!

If you missed it earlier, check out this new post by Katie on paleo freezer meals as promised! (I added a random, long ago photo at the last minute so that it would be pin-able... it's a little embarrassing that I am letting that photo circulate, but I think it serves its purpose.)

Maybe I'll make some fudge today.

Gluten Free Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife
(visit for more ideas)

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