Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Things About Me

If you want to know more about me, read on.  If not, come back another day!
I originally posted this on my old blog, but just decided to update and then repost it here.

shameless selfie: happy to make it though my workout today
(1st time w/ my crossfit trainer)!

1. I am married to the man of my dreams and we have 2 beautiful children: a girl and a boy. Thanks be to God. 

2. I struggled with not knowing if I could have a child due to PCOS, so I am thrilled to have the chance. I am humbled and thankful, knowing how undeserving I am to have a dream come true.

3. I like to swim and be outside and don't do either enough. Water and sun are therapy to me.

4. I sweat a lot when I work out.  That is therapy, too.

5. I love to plan things and design things.

6. I also love to read and write.

7. I've always wished I was more flexible (like, to do the splits).

8. I like to take tests. They are fun and satisfying. Weird, I know.

9. Sometimes I wish I would have chosen a harder major in college the first time around.

10. I am somewhat of an idealist. I often do things more based on principle than what is practical.

11. I fear not making a difference in the world. But, I don’t know how exactly I am supposed to make a difference, yet.

12. My husband has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know. He challenges me to be a more effective and efficient person.

13. I taught first grade before I had my daughter. I am very glad I got to teach that grade. I had the best teaching experience for 5 years and couldn’t have asked for a better experience or memories. Right now, I do not miss the stress, though.

14. I was public school educated K-12 and am a supporter of the public schools. This is one of the few areas in which I have strong feelings and opinions.

15. Now I work part-time, managing a very small part of a very large ministry to children.  I enjoy this little corner of the universe.

16. My weekdays are usually pretty full of nonstop activity, but I am very grateful.

17. I’ve noticed that having responsibilities outside the home helps me value my time and organize it better.

18. I think about the future and contemplate what I should do when I go back to a full-time job someday... and am slowly working on classes in that direction.

19. I rarely get dressed up anymore, but I really do enjoy getting all dolled up. I guess that is a little bit that rubbed off on me during my years growing up in the South.

20. Sometimes I don’t care about things when I should - like modesty.

21. I am more comfortable writing than speaking. I say "like" and "anyways" too much.

22. People think I am shy, and I am, but just until I get to know them.

23. I am pretty laid back about most things. But I am very particular about a few things.

24. I usually trust my gut. “Yes” decisions are quick for me. If I have to ponder it, it is a “No”.

25. I am fairly “conservative” in my own life, but am not the kind of person that thinks everyone else has to be “conservative”, too.

26. I require a steady 8 hours of sleep. But I don’t always get it.

27. I like to have a clean house, feel organized, and have plans to look forward to.

28. I find it much easier to pray than to read the Bible, though I am always glad when I do, even if I didn’t feel like it.

29. I always thought I would be taller than I am.

30. I am loyal.

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