Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Menu

OK, I'm truckin' along alright now. I got over my overwhelm-ment. Thanks to my awesome husband for allowing me a productive weekend. I'm still working on my writing assignments today. I went on a massive spending spree on my way home from my workout Saturday morning.  Actually, not really a spree; it was carefully planned and I had my 5 lists. And it wasn't massive, because I don't have that much money. Seriously. I just had a lot of food to buy for the week. No pics because I had to get it put away asap.

I don't have time to read, but I did flip through this book (new! from the library) and got some inspiration for this week's menu.

We have a get-together, a birthday, a holiday, and a family visit this week so.... we might not exactly be on the straight and narrow all week long, but we'll do OK, and I will for sure be staying gluten free.

Here's the plan for the week-

eggs, bacon, kale
banana blueberry egg muffins
coffee, creamer

pizza cups
carrots, berries
salad green w/ tuna, sundried tomatoes, olives, carrots, dressing
weekend days - mini tacos (we love Trader Joe's frozen ones), sausage & sweet potato hash

Monday - grain free pizza, attempting the crust from Primal Cravings (affiliate link)
Tuesday - dinner with bible study
Wednesday - jalfrezi chicken & broccoli
Thursday - steak, salad, broccoli
Friday - dinner with family
Saturday - easy pulled pork w/ BBQ sauce or throw in some KC masterpiece for my dad ;), coleslaw (bag + dressing), sweet potato fries, pickles

I will be making 2 kinds of birthday treats this week - one set for sharing at camp and work, and one set for a family party. In an attempt to keep my sanity, I'll be using a GF cake mix as the base for both. I'll take pictures and share if they turn out well. I'm shooting for some ice cream cupcakes and a rainbow cake. We'll see!

Since we certainly don't need any more "special" food this week, I thought this would be something easy and healthy that would be fun to put together with the kids for the 4th. We could always cover it and stick it in the freezer and eat off of it slowly.

Happy almost-July!
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