Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Menu

So, over the fourth, there was a little bit of this...

"aw, cute..."
 And a little bit of this...
"uh, what...?"

Our schedule continues its craziness this week and next, so the menu is not elaborate.

eggs, salsa,
coffee, creamer

deli turkey roll-ups or grilled chicken sausages
carrots w/ guacamole

Kids' snack:
bananas & almond butter

asian chicken salad x2 (or something like it)
beefy sauce over zucchini noodles
dinner out (probably get a salad w/ meat...)
weekend - tbd


I was super skeptical of the pizza crust recipe I attempted last week, but it turned out well.  Well enough that I want to make it again.  I added some parmesan to it.  It still was rather bland, but it was nice and thin and crisp and yet sturdy enough to hold a pound of beef, plus sauce, veggies, and some mozzarella.  So, maybe I will make that over the weekend.

My daughter decorated the cake (I helped with the number).  We made a rainbow/tie-dye cake using Pamela's vanilla cake mix (gluten, wheat, & dairy free). I usually get a Betty Crocker gluten free mix, but I wanted white, and they just have yellow and chocolate at our stores, so Pamela's fit the bill, instead.  Then, I made real buttercream frosting, which is my fav.  This is definitely not a paleo/primal cake, but birthdays are special :)

Have a great day!  Hittin' the books now...

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