Tuesday, August 13, 2013


(from Monday)

Aldi & Costco: $128, total

We picked up cheap chicken instead of pork loin. I will have to alter the menu slightly. We did buy pretty good beef and tuna, though.  With some more produce later in the week, we won't be much under our budget of $150 but crossing fingers that we won't be over...

not pictured: more sweet potatoes, bananas, and dark chocolate
That's red and white wine vinegar in the upper left. Found it at Costco again. Will use it for salad dressing. The white vinegar in the lower left is for cleaning.  The chicken caesar salad is for lunch because we had nothing in the house after being gone over the weekend.  Farm eggs are scarce right now... I miss them!  The neighbors share garden tomatoes with us, which are delicious.


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