Friday, August 2, 2013


Thoughts that I wrote down last Monday - 

I'm so glad my family likes cilantro. Because I really like it. It would suck to be someone who gets a bad taste from it - like my friend who says it tastes like a copper penny to her.

I have a salad recipe to share. But I put a T. of sugar in the dressing. Can I still share it? I think I will, because it turned out surprisingly well. You can leave the sugar out and use olive oil or paleo mayo for the sour cream if that makes you feel better. It needs one more round of taste testing first, though.

I am dorkily excited for my dorky shoes that I bought with my birthday money to arrive in the mail. I hope I don't hate them. Lime green was my color of choice but of course they didn't have my size and I was feeling practical so I went with another, less expensive color.

I almost got sick from my workout this morning. It was that good. I don't do it everyday, don't worry.

My sister is coming tomorrow to live with us for a month!!!!! :) She better not use up all my coffee creamer. I am attached to that stuff.

In the works: an annual paleo school lunch ideas post. (Previous ones here and here.) Definitely keeping it simple this year.

....and now it is Friday!

Oh, Jimmy Fallon, you crack me up.

Happy weekend!

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