Saturday, September 10, 2011

Philly Not-So-Cheesysteak Not-So-Sandwichy

There's a handful of different chains that all have their take on this classic: some sort of cut of beef, some veggies and some sort of cured ham on a toasted roll with a ton of cheese.

I love these sandwiches. I miss them.

But what's the best part of those, anyway? The perfectly seasoned meat and vegetable filling, of course.

And THAT is certainly paleo-friendly.

And super easy to make in your crockpot.

The Tools:

- 6 qt. crockpot

- 2 lbs ground beef
- 2-3 garlic cloves, minced
- 1 green pepper, chopped
- 1 red pepper, chopped
- 1 onion, chopped
- 1 cup mushrooms
- 1 t black pepper
- 1 t cumin
- 1/2 t oregano
- sprinkle of red pepper flakes
- pinch of cayenne pepper
- 1/2 lb pepperoni or salami, cut into bite-sized pieces

The Process:
(serves 6)

Brown the beef with the spices, then dump in the crockpot.

Add the chopped veggies and cured pork product, mix it all together well and let it cook for 4-5 hours on low.

Serve plain, or in lettuce wraps. This would also rock in an egg scramble, if you have leftovers for breakfast the next day. Add black olives, hot peppers or some hot sauce. Enjoy!

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