Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Menu

Smoothies (I've been making them with our raw milk lately.)
Paleo Pumpkin Muffins
Eggs and Fruit
Butternut Squash Puree (the kids love this) & Turkey Sausage

Salami & Cheese Roll-ups
Chicken, Celery, Grape, & Crispy Walnut Salad
Creamy Tomato Soup
Apples, Pears
Date Balls
Fruit Leather*

Monday: Cashew Chicken Stir Fry
Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash with Meaty Marinara Sauce
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Shepherd's Pie (with squash, not potatoes)
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Spice Rub Crock Pot Chicken, Broccoli
Sunday: Hamburger Vegetable Soup (make it paleo)

*Fruit Leather: it's back at Costco!  At 21 cents a piece it is so easy to slip in the purse to have on hand as a treat/snack for the kids.  I even gave some out last Halloween, mixed in with chocolate options of course.

Have a great week!

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