Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Menu

We were almost out of meat, eggs, and fresh produce yesterday.  Kind of a problem when you are eating paleo.  So, after picking up our monthly beef order late in the afternoon, I sucked it up and went to Costco and Aldi on a Saturday evening with the kids.  We had a snack of Trader Joe's banana chips (latest indulgence) in the car, so everyone was pretty happy (amazingly) until we got home and heated up some leftover beef stew.  All that is to say that it went surprisingly well when it very easily could have been a disaster.

I doubt it is shocking to anyone to say that the next two months will be pricey for us.  Many once a year expenses on top of the holidays.  Not that we spend a ton on the holidays, but we do spend some extra.  So, I will be trying to keep the grocery spending in check as much as I can without going insane to try to leave some additional money in the monthly budget.

This week...

turkey sausage and sweet potato hash x3
egg cupcakes x2
berry cobbler (I tried this with apple last week and it does not work.  Much better with berries!)

Lunches (packed):
salami & cheese
veggie straws
pistachios or fruit leather for a treat on those non-nut days

sausage/pineapple/bell pepper stir fry
fish taco salad
chicken tortilla soup (no beans/corn/tortillas, add extra veggies) x2
marvelous meatballs & green beans x2
salmon burgers and oven sweet potatoes fries
balsamic chicken & broccoli

--carrots and ranch or salad greens with dressing as a side with dinners--

With the craziness of fall, I have not been doing as well on my workouts, but at least trying to get in a good one with some sprinting the weekend and a few other shorter ones throughout the week.  It is crazy how I used to feel soooooo out of shape if I didn't run 4+ times a week and now I am totally OK with it, and feel better than I did when I was into running that much.  Did the "filthy fifty" today.  On of my favs.  Pick 10 exercises (squats, push-ups, tuck jumps, toes to bar, etc.).  Do 50 reps of each for a total of 500.  What is your favorite workout?

It is just about the time of year (typically November) that my hand and foot joint irritation flares up with the change in weather.  This is motivation to stick to the paleo plan to see if it helps!  I'll let you know.

Happy Halloween and have a good week!

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