Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly Menu

Short and sweet this week due to parties and family gatherings....
(Please see last week's for any links; I'm lazy.)

eggs and turkey sausage

grilled chicken and avocados
raw veggies and dip
apples, pears

meatloaf & peas x2
(We ended up having a shepherd's pie variation last week, and I didn't make this yet.)
cashew chicken & green beans
salmon burgers and sweet potatoes

Non-paleo items I am taking to parties:
apple slices and pumpkin cream cheese dip
cocktail meatballs
getting rid of cookies!

This week we've got 6 Christmas parties/events within 5 days (1 and 1/2 which I opted out of), and then following it all on the 5th day I have to take an exam and a final exam all in one sitting.  I haven't studied yet.  Wish me luck :)  Hope you have a good week!

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