Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weeky Menu

eggs and sausage, fruit
I want to try to find some primal cranberry muffin recipe or something.
This creamy turmeric tea looks different; I kind of want to try it.

salmon salad with avocado
spice rub crock pot chicken (use carcass to make stock for soup)
veggie chips

carrots and walnut red pepper dip
celery and almond butter

Cobb salad (greens, grilled chicken, bacon, boiled egg, avocado, cheddar, tomato, Italian dressing)
chicken "no-tortilla" soup topped with avocado, cheddar (and sour cream for the kids) x2
Italian turkey meatballs in marinara sauce, green beans
meatloaf, leftover creamy corn (the corn is a non-paleo t-day leftover from the freezer) x2

I'm going to try to get everything at Aldi this week.  I went last night and got everything, except for the bacon.  I had to forget something.  The only thing I would prefer to get from Costco would be cheddar, but I just got that at Aldi instead.  I think the dairy farm where we get milk has some beef they just processed, so I may be able to get some good ground beef there this week!  Avocados are 25 cents at Aldi through Tuesday, so I hope to incorporate those into a bunch of our meals.  I kind of based some of our meals around this, because we love avocados and they are not usually that cheap around here!  I buy them green, stick them in a basket with the bananas, and they are perfect in a few days.  Here are my lists.

Aldi: $60
veggie chips
eggs (3)
salt, oil (for play-dough)
walnuts (half pound)
cocktail sauce (for a party)
canned salmon
romaine lettuce (2 pkgs.)
sharp cheddar (3 pkgs.)
avocados (10)
marinara sauce
tomato paste
turkey (3)
whole chicken
frozen green beans
zip top bags

Farm: $52
2 gallons real milk
8 lbs. ground beef

Have a great week!

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