Friday, January 13, 2012

Revamp + Thoughts

OK, don't freak out.  This is still the same blog, I just redid some things.  Nothing fancy.

The 30 day challenge is coming along.  Aside from when we had to go out of town last weekend (and I totally used that as an excuse), I am doing OK.  Not perfect, but pretty darn good.  Near perfect on avoiding the glutenous desserts.  There have been a few M&M's, some popcorn with the husband, and a bit of coffee, but that's about it.  Still need to improve the sleep quantity.  Perhaps I will make that my next thing to work on after this 30 day shindig is over.

Some thoughts that I have every year at about this time: January is a very tough month to eat squeaky clean.  It is the time of year when I just want to hibernate.  So, enjoying a cup of coffee or some fine food is a nice comfort and social outing during this time.  I'm not saying we should turn to food for our sole comfort AT ALL, but I do think we are meant to enjoy food.  And so all I am saying is that I think January is an extra tough month to eliminate many "food joys", unless for some reason, your January is full of fun and thrilling distractions, then it may be easier for you.  I think this is why I am not so motivated to give up the coffee and chocolate (it must be dark chocolate, which those M&M's were not...)  Because I know how the fluffy bread and desserts make me feel (bad and bloated)... but the effect coffee and chocolate is more energy related, which may not be enough of a reason to me right now...  Perhaps those eliminations should go hand in hand with improving the sleep quantity.  But I only feel ready to tackle a bit at a time right now, not all of it.

However, all that said... that should not be used as an excuse.  Because if you are really struggling with discipline, there is no time like the present to rewire your brain.  Think about it.  If you get through the toughest time of the year, then you know you can do the rest of it!  Do hard things.  Read The Flinch (free).

Ugh.  Can you tell I am trying to convince myself right now?

I don't need to be perfect.  But, if I don't aim high, I won't get anywhere new.

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