Friday, January 27, 2012


So, anyone wondering how my 30 days of paleo challenge went?  I was hoping you weren't going to ask.  I sucked.  Partially.  I kinda forgot about it and kinda didn't care.  Could have been waaaaaay worse, but could have been waaaay better.  I cooked paleo at home.  I stayed far away from grains, unless someone else made chocolate cake when I was at their house for dinner (plus a few cookies I swiped at work)... but now I am convinced that my joint issues flare up after have gluten.  So, I am motivated to do well with that.  But I didn't do well with the sugar.

Can I blame in on my 2 year old who was potty training, and the fact that therefore we had a supply of chocolate chips sitting on the kitchen counter for many days?  No, I can't, because it isn't anyone's fault but mine.  But, seriously, when I can get sugary-ness completely out of my house, things are so much easier.  I am not discouraged, though.  One thing at a time.  I am taking baby steps after blowing it all over the holidays.

January was definitely more paleo than December.  And hopefully February will be an improvement on January!

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