Friday, February 3, 2012

Easy Paleo Appetizer

Football finger-food, anyone?

Want to convince someone that eating paleo is still tasty?

Make Rachael Ray's  Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Shrimp!

I have not made these on skewers, although I have eaten all 3 items together (I am seriously lazy and didn't want to assemble them.)  The resulting flavor combination was delicious!  I like my bacon crispy, so if I were making these with the bacon wrapped around the shrimp & pineapple (per the instructions) I would probably partially precook my bacon ahead of time in hopes that it would reach the next level of crispy-doneness while being sautéed with the shrimp.

If you get the ingredients at Aldi (not counting toothpicks/skewers) your total should be around $10, not on sale.

I realize that the shrimp pictured above is precooked medium shrimp, not raw jumbo shrimp as called for in the recipe.  We could just pretend I like to know my shrimp is very thoroughly cooked.  Or, I could tell you that I am not making this recipe right now, but I set out these items that I happen to have to give you a visual because that's the teacher in me.

Can you tell it is my day-off and I am procrastinating on doing any housework, homework, or other work-at-home work today? TGIF!

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