Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Menu

eggs & fruit
grain-free pumpkin cranberry muffins

roasted chicken -OR- nitrate-free hot dogs
homemade trail mix* or fudge babies
leftover corn tortilla chips (kids)
fresh veggies with avocado salsa

paleo butternut squash lasagna (I'm going to make it with just 3 ingredients - details later.), green salad x2
paleo broccoli salad with roasted chicken added (may lightly steam broccoli first...) x2
paleo shepherd's pie (using mashed cauliflower)**, green salad x2
shrimp & roasted green beans

*ingredients: macadamias, pistachios, banana chips, and raisins

**We didn't get to this meal last week because I ended up making beef and veggie soup instead with a bunch of stuff I needed to use up (carrots, celery, spinach, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, chicken stock, etc.)  And I am a little sick of sweet potatoes :) so we'll use mashed cauliflower as the topper since cauliflower is on sale at Aldi.

What's on your menu this week?


----Possible Temptation Alert----

Sidenote (non-paleo, but related): I made some killer gluten-free cupcakes for my Bible study girls last week.  I had never made anything from a gluten-free cake mix before, so I asked my friend C for help.  At her suggestion, I added some dry pudding mix plus a little extra water to help keep them moist.  I made sure the cake batter was beat super well before baking the cupcakes for the shortest time period suggested.  After baking, I piped seedless raspberry jam into the middle and adapted a new frosting recipe for the top that was incredible.  (Thanks, Pinterest.)  Maybe it had just been a long time since I'd had cupcakes, and my expectations were really low or something.  Or maybe they were just really yummy!  Thanks, C!!  Now, I will no longer be a afraid to use gluten-free cake mix for those special occasions like birthdays and such!  Yes, the cake mix costs $5, but have you checked out the ingredients?  Yes, it obviously contains some  grains (non-wheat) and of course sugar, but the ingredient list is like 30 ingredients less than the conventional mixes which contain things I cannot pronounce.  Amazing!

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