Friday, February 3, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Aldi and Costco

It's shopping day.   Here are the lists.

Aldi: $46
dry roasted unsalted almonds
eggs (2 dozen)
canned salmon
canned pumpkin
marinara sauce
cauliflower (2) --99 cents ea.
broccoli (2) --99 cents ea.
tomatoes (2 pkgs.) -- 99 cents ea.
avocados (8) --still 29 cents ea.
oranges --4lbs./$1.48
frozen green beans
frozen ground turkey (2)
frozen whole chicken
frozen shrimp

Costco: $38
cubed butternut squash (2 pkgs.)
bananas (3 bags)
almond butter

And here are the goods.

It was a less-than-fun shopping trip with the kids, fyi, just in case you care.  At least now it is done.  I'm excited to try some new recipes next week.

I may stop at Trader Joe's later in the week for some things I want to get for Valentine gifts and pick up a few more things for us (macadamias, organic apples) while I am there.

Up next, some easy freezing ideas for making the most of produce before it goes bad.

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