Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Menu

I went on a massive grocery shopping trip on Saturday and used up the rest of the January food budget as well as started into the February one (since I was shopping for the whole week that is coming).  There were some bright green avocados at Aldi for 29 cents apiece, so I bought 16 since we love them so much, and we will just have to be patient until they ripen sufficiently.  Grape tomatoes, baby carrots, celery, and pineapple were also on sale this weekend, so we are using lots of those items this week, too.  I spent the most at Aldi, but also went to Costco, and got a few random things at Hy-Vee, too.  I used to try to avoid grocery shopping on weekends, but right now, that is working out the best for our schedule.  I try to get it all done for the week, even if it takes me 3 hours.  And, I finally got some more grass-fed beef from the local ranch!  A bonus of this warm winter weather?  I got some farm-fresh eggs, too, which we haven't had since last summer :)

banana muffins (an experiment based off of the successful pumpkin muffin recipe)
eggs & turkey sausage

tuna stuffed avocados
chicken sausages
broccoli-cheese soup (another experiment)
veggies & homemade ranch dip
mixed nuts/banana chips/raisins trail mix
pineapple or bananas

cobb salad x2 (make the dressing without sugar OR use this one)
paleo shepherd's pie x2
nitrate-free hot dogs & sweet potato fries
"creamy" chicken tomato soup
out with friends

I will be cooking for my Bible study girls one night this week... not cooking paleo, but trying to do gluten-free, or at least enough gluten-free options for me to eat that way.

Happy eating!

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