Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Musings

I made some egg things for breakfast today which were not too bad.  Eggs, sautéed bell peppers, leftover chicken, oregano, salt, pepper, mozzarella, oregano, some milk.  Kind of just bits and pieces of leftovers.  Baked in a cupcake pan.

I am feeling like my nerves are a little fried from a crazy month here.  I hate that stressed out feeling.  I don't think I will get ahead on any of my responsibilities this weekend, but hopefully I will just keep trucking and stay healthy.  That is my goal.  Staying on the straight and narrow with my diet sure helps with that.

I swung by the usual stores today, Costco and Aldi.  Got our groceries for next week, spent right at $100, total.  I did get a convenience, non-paleo item that was on special: some teriyaki chicken which we can stir fry with some frozen broccoli.  I figure that for an alternative weekend splurge, it is cheaper and maybe still healthier than take-out?  (Edited to add: Yeah right, the teriyaki was nearly totally made of sugar.  And there was plenty of soy and some wheat in there, of course.  No wonder I had headaches the next 2 days.)

I feel like saying TGIF, but really, this is not going to be a weekend-ish weekend for me, holiday weekend and all.  I have lots of work and schoolwork to catch up on before it is over.  So, I'm going to get crackin'... So long for now :)

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