Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Menu

eggs & fruit
paleo breakfast bread (weekend) :)
real milk

roast beef/lettuce/tomato roll-ups
chicken sausages
salmon salad & crunchy primal crackers
dill pickles
carrots and guacamole

Snack: cashews & raisins

Monday - meatloaf, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - shawarma chicken, roasted veggies
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - stuffed peppers, peas & carrots
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - sausage/broccoli/cheese bake

Dessert?  We may or may not have gotten a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream over the weekend...

On another note, I did roast brussels sprouts last week.  I liked them, but I was the only one.

Have a good week!

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