Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Menu

This place could use some more color.  I should add some photos, hey? :)  Here's the plan for the week.

eggs & strawberries
banana muffins

club lettuce wraps (turkey, bacon, tomato, guac)
nitrate-free hot dogs
carrots and guacamole
trail mix (dry roasted almonds, banana chips, raisins)

shawarma chicken & salad x2
grilled chicken-spinach-red pepper sausages & oven fries* x2
bean-less chili & salad with ranch x2

fudge babies
some form of paleo ice option... another.
limonada de coco (a pinterest find)

On one hand, summer is easy for paleo eating, because you can just grill up some meat and veggies.  And the fresh produce is amazing!  But on the other hand, it is harder, because I kind of want "fun" convenience foods and cool summer treats, which are generally not paleo.   For example, the $5 take and bake pizza when I don't feel like cooking... So, I don't promise we will be perfect.  However, I do know that after 2-3 days of standard American diet (SAD), I am not who I want to be, emotionally, mentally, or physically.  That is what always brings me back to paleo.  I don't like being a victim.  That probably sounds so extreme to someone who hasn't tried paleo, but those are my feelings.  If you want to know what I am talking about, try it yourself! :)

*I wanted to get some Alexia sweet potato fries which are supposedly gluten-free.  But at Costco, my choices were another brand of sweet potato fries which contained wheat and soy, or Alexia white potato waffle fries which are supposedly gluten free but contain canola oil - bleh.  I thought the Alexia waffle fries were the lesser of the two evils, so that's what I bought.  Usually I just buy sweet potatoes in a box and chop them up and make my own oven-baked potatoes, but I was feeling lazy.

OK, any more disclaimers?  No, I think I'm finished.  For now at least.  Happy cooking!

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