Saturday, May 19, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Price Chopper

...sort of :)

There are a couple non-paleo items in there that were on sale for less than a buck (bbq sauce, brownie mix) that I just know will come in handy for getting together with friends for cookouts this summer.  So, I sometimes keep a little stash in the laundry room closet for purposes like those.  It saves money and time to not have to run by the store on our way to someone's house.

I spent $28, but saved $33 with store specials.

Here's what else we got:
smoked deli turkey, $2.99/lb.
boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.69/lb.
frozen vegetables, 59¢ each
mustard, 99¢
ketchup, 99¢ - not paleo but we use it sparingly
bacon, $1.99
peaches, 88¢/lb.

I already went to Costco, Trader Joe's, & Aldi on Thursday, taking advantage of rare kid-free shopping time.

The blog's been quiet lately with the end of school rush, but I hope to share more recipes this summer!  Thanks for reading!

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