Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Menu

eggs & fruit
coffee with cream (cramming for another exam this week!)

hard boiled eggs & cheese
tuna stuffed avocados
dill pickles


Sunday - chicken no-tortilla soup
Monday - goulash
Tuesday - beef tenderloin & roasted green beans
Wednesday & Thursday - cobb salad
Friday - out for a birthday dinner
Saturday - meatza, peas
Sunday - turkey sausage & sweet potato hash

It is two weeks until swimsuit season.  I am self-imposing two weeks of no sugarific or glutenific cheats.  I need to get my body back to relying on fat for energy.  It makes me feel so much more even-keeled and better!  (with the added bonus of a less poochy stomach)  With only one week of school left, I can do it!

I am experimenting with taking my daughter off of dairy.  It is hard, because she likes it.  But I am sick and tired of her endlessly draining nose!  The crackers she gets three times a week at school don't help either.  This may sound bad, but I am looking forward to exercising more say over her diet this summer when she is not at school.  I know I could teach her to turn those options down, or not allow her to have them, but I just haven't gone that far yet.  I would like to see this book and this book in person to find out if they would be good ones to buy for my children's book baskets.

Have a great week!

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