Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paleo Grocery Shopping: Price Chopper & Aldi

I made it!  My semester if over, the kids have one more week of school, and then it is summer!  My favorite season.  I just like warm weather activities, like going to the pool.  Now, don't be fooled, we don't have a lazy summer ahead.  We have work and scheduled activities like normal, but hopefully some additional recreation time, too! :)

Hint: if you know me personally and live in the area, here are some good deals.  Price Chopper has 79¢ eggs (through Monday, with a limit of 3) and $1.99/lb. 93% lean ground beef right now.  Pork loin and boneless pork loin chops are $1.99/lb., too.  Those are good prices on some paleo foods if you are pinching pennies or don't have access to those products from local farms.  I don't have a good source for farm fresh eggs from pastured hens, so let me know if you do!  I can get them like once a month for $4 a dozen, but we go through several dozen a week typically!

In additions to Price Chopper, I went to Aldi this weekend.  All the salad stuff is super cheap:
29¢ cucumber
49¢ carrots & salad mix
79¢ tomatoes & mushrooms
$1.59 3-pack bell peppers

Pudding and chocolate chips are pictured in there for something I am going to make next weekend.

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