Saturday, June 9, 2012

Groceries this Week

It has been awhile since I've shown a grocery shopping trip.  I am going to try to document them this week.

I went to Walmart today (because it is close and I needed some stuff I am planning for my daughter's party) and Price Chopper.  I stopped by Aldi last week and got fruit and zucchini.  The strawberries were 99¢ a lb., so I was planning on getting some, but they looked bad.  I couldn't find any packages worth buying.  I got some pineapple instead for $1.29 each, plus kiwi and blueberries on sale.  Then, today at Walmart I took the Aldi flyer with me and did some price matching.  I stopped at Price Chopper, too.  Here's what I got:

not pictured: eggs, 1 package strawberries, and 1 banana

Walmart: $25
4 cans coconut milk, $1.48 each
1 dozen eggs (because we were plumb out!)
1 package Alexia sweet potato fries (ugh... not really paleo, but gluten-free)
sriracha sauce
lime juice
2 pints blueberries
3 lbs. strawberries
4 bananas
all fruit was price-matched using the Aldi flyer

Price Chopper: $10
rump roast, $1.99/lb.
sweet chili sauce
diced tomatoes (I suddenly though I might be short, but I wasn't.  Oh well, they'll get used.)

Tomorrow, I plan to do the idiotic and go to Costco on a Sunday to get nuts, lettuce, eggs, and cheese.  And I may be able to pop into Whole Food and Trader Joe's midweek, sans children.  I want to get unsweetened coconut and organic popcorn from the bulk bins at WF plus check out their sunscreen (or stop in another place for that).  At Trader Joe's I'll get banana chips, dried unsweetened cranberries, almond meal, and grade b maple syrup.  I'm not a regular shopper at either of those stores, but there are a few specific products I can only get for a good price at those places.

Oh, last week I got 10 more pounds of organic, grass-fed ground beef from the farm where I buy milk, so we are even more stocked than before.  Which is good because I'm bound to miss a pick-up or two from the other ranch due to our summer travels.

Was that all-over-the-place enough for ya? :)

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