Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Menu

Thank you to anyone still reading around here... I've been a little nonexistent lately due to travels and busy at work.  I think I am back now :)

I haven't done any focused work-outs for at least a week and a half (and I wasn't doing all that well prior to that for a bit)... and I miss them.  Sooo, it is summer, and lack of sleep due to homework is not an excuse.  Today was a new start, and it began with "Cindy". Yeah.

Last week, we had some impromptu hamburgers and another meal of leftovers, so we have some things we didn't eat from the menu.  Therefore, we are still finishing up some of those dinners.  There were also pizza and donuts last week, which my insides seriously regretted.  Sigh.  A good reminder.  Will I ever learn?

Here's our plan for this week.

blueberry cobbler
eggs and fruit
milk, coffee

Italian roast beef lettuce wraps
cold salmon salad and bell pepper strips

fruit leather

after we finish the other meals....
tailgate (what should I take??)
dinner with friends for a birthday
bangin good shrimp (attempt to make paleo-er), salad, sweet potato fries
zucchini pizza bake (inspired by these) x2

limonada de coco (very refreshing)
coconut milk homemade ice cream

I'm looking forward to some new things on the menu this week!!!

PS - An update on cutting out dairy for my daughter: it did not seem to have much effect on the amount of snot she was producing.  What appears to have more of an effect: being wheat-free.  During the school year she was not wheat-free due to the snacks they served at school which I did not go to great lengths to regulate for her.  Maybe it is just summertime rolling around, but after battling the endless drainage for 2 and 1/2 months, she is better now :)

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