Monday, July 16, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Trader Joe's and Aldi

Grocery shopping going on around here yesterday and tomorrow.  I hit Trader Joe's and Aldi yesterday and plan to make a big trip to Costco after work tomorrow.

I spent $21 on these items from Trader Joe's.

$42 on these items from Aldi.

I also bought some other non-food products such as disposable baby diapers (my nearly 3 year old still wears them at night).  I have always been happy with Aldi diapers - quality is good and price is hard to beat at $5/pkg!  I loved cloth diapers on my kids, but not for at night past a certain age... just a side-note - sorry! :)

We will be spending some time with family this week, and so I have some special recipes to make, which is why you see more chocolate than usual :)

In just the past 3-4 days, I have been doing better with my sleep and eating, which helps me feel sooooo much better.  I am by no means 100% paleo, but I can tell by my mental outlook when I have been sliding too much and need to get back on track.  So thankful for the opportunity to do that!

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