Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paleo at Aldi & the Weekly Menu

We're back!  A week of sun & water therapy at the lake was terrific :)  Amazing, really.  Did ya miss me?  I've got some stuff to share, but first, the groceries and plan for the week.

It can be difficult to get excited about cooking this time a year.  I remarked to my husband on the way home that I didn't want to think about food; I was tempted to just go to Trader Joe's and buy a bunch of frozen food.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), TJ's is not that convenient for us.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went shopping.
Once again, I bought a large box of small peaches from the local orchard for $15.
And, I drove to Aldi and got some basics to partially fill the EMPTY fridge for $53.

Super crappy phone pic - Instagrammed in an attempt to improve it, but didn't so much achieve that :)

We have been without our raw milk for nearly 2 weeks, due to vacation... I didn't notice any difference one way or the other.  We still ate some good cheese.  I bought a few atypical (for me) dairy items this week at Aldi... because cottage cheese & fresh peaches just sound good.

eggs and fruit
paleo waffles - the best! (from Eat Like a Dinosaur)

apple slice & cheese sandwiches
(just stick cheese slices between apple slices, no bread of course, - not that novel, but my daughter loves it)
cottage cheese & peaches
cold shrimp & dip
hot dogs
carrots & celery
veggie chips
trail mix

Saturday - ground turkey & vegetable goulash
Sunday (today) - zucchini pizzas
Monday - shawarma chicken salad
Tuesday - zucchini pizzas
Wednesday - hawaiian chicken kabobs (omit sugar)
Thursday - chicken & green bean stir fry, with cashews
Friday - meatloaf? or TBD

...Now I gotta go get used to doing a strictly land-based workout again!  Boo!

More meal ideas at Musings of a Housewife.

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