Monday, July 2, 2012

Paleo Travel Snacks

2 of my favorites from Costco.  I enjoyed these together this past weekend.

Note: these contain some less-than-desirable ingredients for the paleo purist.  Preservatives in the jerky and soybean oil on the nuts - eek!  But, they are good tasting, in convenient resealable bags, and a good price.  I think they are healthier than a lot of other options you will find on the road!

I am not a huge fan of jerky, and this is the best kind I've ever had.  I really like it.

Trader Joe's is another good option for jerky and macadamias (I think theirs are dry roasted) if you don't go to Costco.

Oh, yeah, I also packed my cooler with zip-locs filled with pre-peeled hardboiled eggs, fresh fruit, primal fudge, and then some bottles of iced coffee and water.  It was the perfect combo for my 10 hour drive!

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