Friday, July 6, 2012

Primal Grocery Shopping: Walmart, orchard, Aldi, & Costco

I did some major grocery shopping on Thursday and Friday.  I hauled a cooler with me in my car because of the heat.  Definitely summer!  :)  Besides the items in the photos, I also had to pick up some things for my daughter's party this coming week.  Party items are not pictured because they came from another budget category.  Here are my paleo/primal grocery purchases.

Walmart (on the left): $11

Peaches from a local orchard: $15 (These are like candy, they are amazingly sweet and juicy!)

Aldi: $43

Costco: about $70 + a pizza (Yes, totally cheating for dinner tonight - this holiday week has been weirdly tiring.  Being out of routine does that to me.)

I spent another $50 or so on the party items and food to take to church.

This week's menu plan will post on Sunday!  Have a good weekend!

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