Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good, Inexpensive Coconut Oil

I used to buy coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I love theirs.  But, in an effort to find the best price (since I don't have someone to share shipping costs with), I later switched to Nutiva brand from  I hear raving reviews about Tropical Traditions, but have never caught one of their sales.  Last year, I gave Vitacost organic coconut oil a try when I found out I could get 54 ounces for about $11!

Recently, when it appeared to be time to reorder some coconut oil, I did some searching and found another good deal from Vitacost.  So, I wanted to share it with you... you can read the how-to details on this blog from Laura.  I used the tip in the update at the bottom of the post and bought two 54 ounce each jars.

I didn't have a $10 credit to use, since I had already signed up for Vitacost's referral program the last time I ordered and used my coupon (and since I am so uncomfortable soliciting anything to friends or family, I had never sent out any emails with my link to refer them which would have earned me more credit). But, I did look in my spam mail (because they send emails all the time) and find a 25% off coupon from Vitacost (which equalled $10 off my order.)  Perfect.

So, with free shipping (super fast, might I add) on Vitacost brand products if you buy $25+ worth, in combo with a 25% off coupon (if you are already a customer) or a $10 off coupon for signing up for their referral program, you can get 108 total ounces of yummy coconut oil for right around $30 shipped!  Sweet.

Still with me?

Hope you can make some sense of this and use these tips if you need coconut oil right now, too!

PS - My husband and I LOVE coconut oil on our skin, especially when spending lots of time in the sun.  It is a great moisturizer, and seems to help either prevent sunburn, or help it quickly (like overnight) turn into a tan.  Of course, we use a LOT of coconut oil in the kitchen when cooking, too.

And PPS - I decided to be smarter this time.  If you are going to sign up for a their referral program in order to receive a $10 coupon, I'd appreciate it if you would use either of the links mentioning it above.  Then, I get $10, too.  Thanks :)

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