Saturday, August 18, 2012

Groceries: Hy-Vee & at Costco

HyVee $36

They had some good sales this week.  Colorado peaches for 99¢/lb. Everything was here was on sale except for the butter and pizza crusts.  I made some gluten-free pizzas for the children and babysitter last night.  Corn chips are for taco salad.  I'm still into cottage cheese.  I also bought some other household items and food for church, not pictured and not included in the total.

Costco $60

Should be good on cheap coffee for awhile.  Got the Izzes for fun.  I hadn't had them yet this summer and there is a Costco coupon for them right now.  While bottles are cool, I like the size of the little cans.  We'll make them last awhile.

I will make a small trip to Aldi on Monday or Tuesday.

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