Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Menu

10/$1, bpa free... from Dollar Tree.  Lunch dips?

Well, I wish I had more to share than just a menu plan, but last week kicked my butt.  And a new week has rolled around again already.  I am thankful for a few nights of restorative sleep!  I love sleep, it is amazing.

Here we go-

eggs, avocado, salsa
coffee, real milk

paleo banana bread & cottage cheese
turkey & mozzarella roll ups
sweet caramelized onion chicken burgers
carrots or celery
veggie chips

School snacks:
fruit leather, chex cereal

Other snacks:
pistachios, frozen grapes

beef stew, side salad
turkey "stuffing"
balsamic glazed drumsticks, peas
chicken taco salad
philly cheesesteak skillet, side salad

Cheese, glorious cheese.  Yes, we (especially the kiddies on school days) have cheese with lunch.  Their lunches have to be nut free, and on certain days, egg free.  Whole milk cheese is a quick way for me to give them some fat, even if it is the easy way out.

I am saying (again) that I want to get my junk together and participate in this "What the Paleo World Eats" project this time around.  Especially since I sometimes do that anyways at times (take photos of my shopping, share the total, etc.)  I was going to submit my info this week, but my shopping was bit crazy, and I bought a bunch of things for other special occasions such as a bonfire/camping party, a birthday party, a bunch of household/toiletry items, and it would have been kinda a huge pain to make separate transactions or to separate everything out and figure the correct totals by the penny.  So maybe next week??

Happy Sunday!

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